Preaching Summit

Preaching Summit 2024

Guest Speakers

  • H.B. Charles Jr. (Jacksonville, FL)
  • Scott Pace (Raleigh, NC)
  • Brad Whitt (Augusta, GA)
  • Joel Southerland (Rock Springs, GA)
  • Nathan McCoy (Rock Springs, GA)

“Gospel-Centered Preaching” will be our theme as we focus our main sessions on preaching from both the Old Testament and New Testament, as well as preaching toward a Gospel decision. Breakouts sessions will provide opportunities for Basic Sermon Preparation, Basic Sermon Delivery, the Gospel Invitation, the Personal Evangelism of the Preacher, and other helpful, practical growth opportunities. Lunch will be provided by our partners at the GBMB Pastor Wellness, as well has helpful free resources. Registration will open in October.