Strengthening and Equipping

A simple exam regarding your church

True or False

If you can honestly answer TRUE to every question, read no further.

If you cannot answer TRUE(but sincerely want to), please read on...

If you could not answer TRUE, you are not alone. Between 70-90% of churches in the Southern Baptist Convention and in the Southside Baptist Network are either  plateaued or declining, finding themselves in need of assistance. Many churches have lost or are losing their vitality.

Testimony of a Successful Church Revitalization

"A few years ago Liberty did not reflect the community demographics. It was largely an Anglo congregation with aging members sitting in a predominantly African-American community. Today, sunday morning consists of 50% of people of color. It has diversity in leadership, membership and guests. The Lord is adding new members, and Liberty is reaching its local community. You too can reach your community. Let the SBN assist you in turning the missional corner so you will once again reach people in a changing world."

Pastor Randy Wood Liberty Baptist, Fayetteville

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